Feedback that counts

Reinvent the art of sharing feedback. Make it fun, fast & focused with Clink.

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We fit right in

Clink enables continuous feedback for teams

Sharing made fun

Sharing made fun

Cheer a peer on work well done or Boost them on a skill using our badges & #skills

We are everywhere

We are everywhere

Feedback can come at you from anywhere. Curate feedback using our work tool integrations.

Reveal what matters

Reveal what matters

Get insights that reveal your core strengths & development areas & action on them


We are everywhere you are

Clink integrates beautifully with your work tools to make sharing feedback effortless

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Sharing made fun

We are everywhere

Reveal what matters

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    Share feedback on day-to-day work on projects
    Invite peers, vendors & even clients
    Encourage good performance with a Cheer
    Spare a few seconds to support others
    Give pointed inputs on skills with Boosts
    Share happy moments on social media
    Get reactions from meeting attendees instantly
    Turn emails into opportunities for improvements or praise
    Capture valuable comments from your chats
    Let others know your strengths & skills with your Profile page
    Earn points and level up on your feedback game with achievements

    Why does feedback matter?

    Let’s face it no one is perfect. Yet, we all strive to be. We can only strive for perfection through learning & doing. On both fronts, our own observation is not enough. We need inputs from others to be able to improve our knowledge, skill & behaviour. Feedback is the process of receiving that input from others. 

    Why do I need Clink?

    Feedback at the workplace is scattered, untimely & not actionable. This spoils your chances to improve yourself.
    You need an app like Clink to stay on top of your game at work.

    Firstly, Clink will improve your habit of giving & receiving feedback. It will train you & those around you at the art of giving feedback.
    Secondly, Clink mines for feedback across your digital workspace (emails, chats, task comments etc.) via integrations.
    Lastly but most importantly, it will organise & study your feedback for you and guide you to improve.

    Explore what plan suits you best.

    How do Clink integrations help?

    Frankly, integrations are a given. With so many specialised tools, you need them to talk to each other.

    The idea of integrations for Clink is to make sourcing of feedback effortless. Once you’ve connected Clink to your work tool, curation of feedback should be seamless.

    Discover the power of each integration here.

    What can Clink tell me about myself?

    Our little Clink engine works day & night to help you discover several things about you.
    What do others value most about you
    What skills are core and what needs work
    Which projects need your attention
    How to apply yourself, effectively